Conspiracy theorists say Tupac is ‘still alive’

Tupac Shakur is alive and carrying on with his absolute best life in Malaysia as per the child of Death Row Records manager Suge Knight. 

Suge J. Knight made the thrilling cases on Instagram, recommending the lethal shooting outside a Las Vegas club on September 7, 1996, was faked. 

“Tupac is alive… he never left us,” he composed while sharing pictures of a man resembling a more established Tupac embracing a present day Beyonce and 50 Cent. 


It was 23 years prior today that Tupac Shakur passed away in the wake of being gunned down in a drive-by shooting. 

Matured only 25, he was shot multiple times – twice in the chest, once in the arm and once in the thigh – as he pulled up outside Las Vegas’ Club 662 a dark BMW owned by Death Row Records manager Suge Knight. 

He clung onto life for six days after the assault, with his escort keeping up a nonstop vigil in the event that his assailants came back to complete the activity.

In any case, over two decades on and not every person is persuaded that he’s in reality dead. 

In the years since Tupac’s passing there have been no deficiency of paranoid fears and sightings, with the killed rapper doing some genuine globe running…

There have been numerous sightings of the late king of rap in the past few decades. Like the moon landing conspiracies, this one has also stemmed from thin air. However, upon observing history closely, we can see how many conspiracy theories turned out to be true. Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that Tupac Shakur still has millions of people that look up to him and consider him their role model. He is still very much alive in their hearts.

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